The Tangents Singing at AcaFest!

The Tangents began in front of a piano. One evening, we gathered together for a night of singing. Having a long history of singing with larger choirs, we found we also enjoyed the intimate sound of a small group. This ensemble of friends, who bonded through music and laughter, became The Tangents. We made our performing debut December of 2008 at the Charles Schulz Museum. 

While The Tangents have no formal “director”, our rehearsals are most often the combination of Tim Imbach’s substantial skill at the piano reinforcing individual parts and Lisa Franchetti organizing rehearsal time and keeping us moving forward. Other members of The Tangents contribute music for the repertoire and rehearsal space. Our musical selections are always a collaborative endeavor. We are committed to the music and the sound we create together.


Band Members

Tim Imbach, Lisa Radley Franchetti, Carol (Wischemann)Tonelli, Erin Thomas Imbach, Lisa Brayson, Sean Cortright, Mark Flowers and Geoff Murray.

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